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Automotive Solutions

Uneek Bending Co. have been involved in producing vehicle components for many applications including low volume componentry for prototype vehicles.

We bend chromoly roll-over frames, sports bars and nudge bars, inner crash bars for front and rear bumpers, hydraulic piping and coils. We also design and manufacture sports bars and carry frames for many different types of 4WDs and utilities.

Some of the other automotive products Uneek Bending Co. produce are:

  • Custom exhaust bends
  • Aluminium nudge bars
  • Steel nudge bars
  • Step Assemblies
  • Truck canopy Frames
  • Hydraulic Tube Assemblies

Custom sports bars require complex tube bending and tube rolling on the same part without welds. Uneek Bending have manufactured several thousand of these bars including many one-offs and short production runs. Jigs and fixtures ensure a 100% compliant part.

Our mandrel bending of custom exhaust systems minimise welds required. Parts are made with several bends and without weld points.