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Bolier Components

UNEEK Bending have 50 + years of experience of bending tube. Over the years we have manufactured almost every tubular boiler component.

Our experience covers the manufacture of some of the most critical boiler components –  superheaters, economisers, burner openings, riser tubes,  furnace arch sections, waterwall panels, screen tubes, hopper tubes and furnace hearth tubes,  downcomers & headers to name a few.

All items are manufactured to Australian standards AS1228 water tube boilers /AS4458 Pressure Equipment manufacture/ AS3992 Boilers and pressure vessels – Welding and brazing qualification / AS4041 Pressure Piping and to international standards -ASME Boiler and Pressure vessel code.

Our expertise encompasses the sourcing of quality raw material in carbon steel, chrome-moly steels, stainless steels, Inconels and micro alloyed steels.

The bending of boiler tube is carried out to national and international standards such as AS/NZS , ASME and EN standards. Boiler tube bends are measured for extrados thickness, ovality of bend and flow area cross section of the bend and compared to straight tube. The first off trial (FOT) bend is checked by our engineers for compliance to the standard and customers’ specification before production bending commences.

Our welding department assemble the manipulated tube sections and weld the elements to qualified weld procedures. The assembly and manufacture include tube butt welding and the welding of tube attachments such as tube spacers and sliding connectors. These attachments are normally made out of chrome-moly or high temperature resistant stainless steels.

As per manufacturing code and customer specific requirements, Uneek carry out all the required non-destructive testing – radiography, magnetic particle inspection, and liquid penetrant inspection. All test results, welder qualifications and weld statement are fully documented and provided in the QA dossier for the job (MDR).

Should the assemblies require heat treatment as specified in the manufacturing code (AS4458 or ASME), Uneek carry out the required heat treatment – stress relieving, annealing, normalising or solution heat treatment in a furnace at controlled  conditions.  The heat treatment cycle details as well as the heat chart printout form part of the manufacturers’ data report (MDR).

The final test for most pressure equipment is a hydrotest. The hydrotest is carried out to a specified test pressure, normally 1.5 times the working pressure of the component. The test is fully documented, witnessed and signed off by our inspectors.

The MDR (often called the QA dossier) comprises a comprehensive documentation of the job. It contains component drawings, inspection and test plans, and material certification including consumables certification, tube bending details, welding details, NDT reports, heat treatment reports, hydrotest reports and surface treatment reports.