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UNEEK headframes for communication towers are of modular design, complete and ready to mount on site and can be readily fitted to all type of pole configurations. Primarily designed for tapered poles, with its adjustable clamping system, UNeek headframes are designed to withstand the most extreme cyclonic conditions.

In addition to headframes, UNEEK manufacture a wide range of accessories such as outriggers, mounting poles, pole extensions, microwave mounts, turret mounts, collar mounts, Parabolic antenna mounts and spoke mount assemblies.

Each site and installation is certified by our structural engineers prior to manufacture. The headframes are designed and certified to meet the relevant standards AS4100 Steel Structures and AS/NZS 1170.2 Structural Design Actions Part 2: Wind Actions. Our structural engineers can design the headframe and accessories to suit specific applications. We can also build structures and accessories to your specifications.

Our Headframe selection tool helps with the selection of the correct headframe based on pole details and height (on the pole) of the installation. Some of the features with UNeek headframes are:

Low weight – whilst maintaining maximum strength and stability even in cyclonic conditions.

Visual impact – the circular construction reduces the visual impact while meeting all load carrying as well as maintenance access requirements. The visual impact of our unobtrusive design can further be reduced by painting the galvanized structure to help it blend in with the surroundings.

Ease of erection – the simplified design with the UNeek adjustable clamping system allows for cost savings in unit price and erection costs. The UNeek adjustable clamp has been designed for Rocla monopoles, and typically has an installation range of approximately 200mm on diameter (e.g. UNeek headframe UN405-630HD has an adjustable clamp from 405mm pole diameter to 630mm pole diameter).

Circular construction – this allows for an easy and best angular placement and installation of equipment to achieve the optimum performance.

Split headframe construction– this allows for an additional installation on an existing pole. The UNeek Split Headframe can be easily erected below an existing installation without any interruption to the existing installation above it.

Modular construction – this allows for easy installation of any number of various accessories such as Outriggers, Mounting poles, Microwave mounts.

Special requirements – the modular design lends itself to various types of installations. By redesigning the clamp, the standard UNeek headframe can easily be modified to suit installations on the very tip of a concrete monopole as well as for installation on poles of tapered steel construction.