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Renewable Energy

Uneek have extensive experience in steam boiler design and construction, particularly in helping our customers modify conventional boilers for use with renewable fuel or large scale solar thermal systems.

Whether our customers burn residues, waste plastics or biomass – such as wood, sludge or bagasse – the skills we have in manufacturing and assembling the components for conventional steam boilers can be applied.  We are experienced in sourcing a wide range of corrosion resistant materials and can advise on strategies to minimise boiler tube wear.

Steam boilers fired with renewables can behave in unexpected ways.  Talk to us about operating fluidised bed combustors and developing strategies to ensure reliable, predictable operation.  We have designed wear plates and shields for regions prone to erosion and have experience in manufacturing hard faced and laser clad components. We have developed strategies to minimise the erosion of in-bed tubes and have experience in dealing with clinker formation in the above bed areas.

Uneek also focus on economisers, waste heat boilers and heat recovery systems of all sizes.  We can design and build water-tube and fire-tube boilers, fluidised bed boilers, solar heat transfer piping, evaporator and superheater tube bundles.

We can assist with the construction of research and demonstration facilities in the areas of hydro and solar.  Uneek have built a hydro energy system and several collector elements for concentrated solar thermal (CST) facilities.