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 Tube/Pipe Bending

Tube/Pipe Bending

Our CNC mandrel bending machines along with over 40 years of expertise have proven Uneek Bending to be one of the leading bending and rolling companies in Australia.

Using technical expertise, computer technology and modern equipment, Uneek Bending can achieve the most complex bending requirements including 3D bending from simple 2D drawings.

We have a huge range of tooling for both pipe bending and tube bending as well as special tooling for bending rectangular hollow sections, aerofoil sections and oval tube. Our equipment can also be used to produce sharp bends in angle, channel and aluminium extrusions.

We are happy to assist you with all your pipe bending needs and tube bending challenges. We solve many architectural aluminium section rolling problems every day and have designed special tooling for tough aluminium extrusion bending jobs.

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